The Legend of Espíritu

Centuries ago, in a small village in Mexico, lived a young crop farmer. His name was Espiritu. His upbringing was very humble, but  he was taught that anything was achievable through hard work and perseverance.

One day, the Chief of the village announced that he was prepared to wed his daughter to the right suitor. This man, who would become the village chief, had to be very brave and wise. Espiritu felt his heart pounding for he had always felt a deep love for her.

This man would have to climb to the top of mount Xochimitl, claim the flower resting at the top, and bring it to the Chief.

A still silence fell over the village, for everyone knew that the road to the top of the mountain was very dangerous, filled with poisonous spines, and nobody had been known to make it successfully.

After the Chief’s announcement, the people gathered around the fire and one of the elders recited the legend of Xochimitl. “In ancient times, when man fell to Earth,  a great city used to reside right here.   One dark day, the enemies united against the city and after a grueling battle the city was left in doom. Only one brave warrior was left standing.

The brave warrior walked among the chaos searching for beautiful Princess Luna. After he found her, they began their way to the top of Mount Xochimitl, but the enemies had surrounded the city and before the princess and warrior knew it, angry arrows came from every direction. In an instinct to protect the princess, the warrior buried her with his body praying to the Gods to protect the princess, guard her soul, and keep her out of the enemy’s way.

Then, one last arrow cut through the warrior’s body and pierced Princess Luna’s heart.

As they let out their dying breath, the thousands of arrows stuck to the side of the mountain became poisonous spines and it was at that moment that the warrior’s body became rich soil from where a beautiful, undying, flower, conserving the essence and soul of the princess, bloomed.”

After listening to the story, Espiritu headed home to prepare for his journey to the top of the mountain and as soon as the first ray of light came out,  he set out to Mount Xochimitl and began to climb.

Espiritu had not gone very far before he realized that his shoes, which were made mostly from tree bark, were not going to get him to the top. Quickly, he found two flat rocks and tied them to his feet with strings and set out to Mount Xochimitl once more. He got farther than he had the first time, but the rocks were so heavy that the strings began to wither and break.

Then, Espiritu began gathering materials and returned to his home. He worked for hours until he created a shoe so special that he knew it would allow him to fulfill his heart desire to climb to the top of the mountain.

With his new,shoes, Espiritu set foot to the mountain and began to climb again. For the third time that day. He climbed farther and farther than before, until he finally reached the top.

There he saw the most beautiful, radiant flower he had ever seen. Espiritu began to talk to the flower explaining that he needed to take her to the Chief in order to marry the woman he loved. At that moment, the flower with an enchanting voice said, “Bring me to him, for your intentions are pure and your love is true and no true love can harm me.”

Espiritu dug the flower out from the soil and as he did so everything around him turned to radiant color. He began making his way down the mountain and with every step he took, his clothes and shoes became tainted with the color radiating from the flower.

Finally, he reached the foot of the mountain and walked to the Chief’s house with confidence, knowing he had fulfilled his purpose and soon he would be married to the woman he loved. After that day, Espiritu’s story as well as the shoe he created, became widely known. He named it Luna (Moon) in honor to the princess. Luna became a staple for the people who were now able to travel farther than anyone had traveled before and a new era of growth and expansion began under Chief Espiritu.