Handmade in Southern Mexico by indigenous artisans sporting a traditional huarache making styles and techniques. Espiritus feature old-school manufacturing and design styles.

The Espiritu is a redesigned classic that we’ve brought back with much better quality and support.



  • Style: Round toe, slip on.

  • Upper: Organic 100% vegetable tanned  leather* - Handcut, handdyed and handwoven. 

  • Sole: EVA - flexible, lightweight, durable and shock absorbing. 

  • Handmade in Mexico


Our fine leather gets its color by using the best natural ingredients like tree bark and plants. We always intentionally leave the finish naked. Please be cautious avoiding contact with light colored fabrics or materials as they may be tinted after wearing together. Our leather is impregnated with a pigment that could transfer to other objects or materials after physical contact. This kind of transfer is a natural aspect of our leather.




Our huaraches will most likely fit larger so we very strongly recommend that you purchase your Espiritus your size or half a size smaller than what you would usually rock.

We recommend our customers to get their Espiritus a bit smaller instead of larger because our leather will soften with time and will fit your foot like a glove, or sock I guess.