Our Brand Identity

This conceptual diagram showcases ‘human self-knowledge’ through physical, emotional, spiritual, and intellectual realms by which we live and store in our DNA. This philosophy is reflected in every stage of our process; from the moment of design, incorporating ethnic traditions into premiere products made by fair trade, skilled artisans. Based on the Kabbalistic Tree of Life, this map shows the relation of our sources of energies:

Sense, represents the energetic point on our feet. Here we connect ourselves with the ground and our interior meets exterior and transfers our contents as we pick up what we need.

Going up on the map, we reach our Foundation, where two souls created a third one to walk its own path. It is where you learn emotions. To the left, your masculine side, where you feel your splendor, strength, and understanding. And to your right your feminine side, where you feel your victory, mercy and wisdom.

In the middle you find the balance of it all. Here we are when we forget about ourselves and we irradiate love.

And up above, after controlling all those stages of our emotions is that we get a crown that lets makes us invincible to this world.