About Us

Espiritu is a brand that we created after completing a long spiritual journey through southern Mexico. Our brand is inspired by the connection that we feel to this Earth and how what we wear reflects how we feel before and after choosing an article of clothing or accessory. Our products are made to not only mirror spirit and emotion, but also to create a positive effect or feeling while wearing them throughout the day.  

We believe that energy is transferred from the bases of the feet onto the soul. That is why our shoes are made with heart and mirror the authenticity and fundamentals of culture and nature.

Everything from the product itself to the packaging is crafted with immense attention to detail so that when you receive your merchandise you can experience the heart of Espiritu as you unbox your handcrafted treasure.

We use only the best materials to handcraft our products. Our shoes are made from both comfortable and long-lasting materials to allow you to walk through your own journey. We made sure to craft a sole that was lightweight so as to enlighten your soul.   


Espiritu gives back:


It is important to us to donate part of our proceeds to the Espiritu Foundation. Their mission to promote self-transformation through education is very inspiring to us because we understand the importance of solidarity and being good role models for future generations.